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That's the reason I fell in love with the brand and fell in love with the story." For his latest collaboration, Snyder has reworked the classic Rambler high top (surely a favorite for fans of the movie The Sandlot) to give it a pared-down, heritage-meets-street-style aesthetic. Using supple Cheveux leather and lambskin for the uppers, Snyder has maintained the relatively minimal silhouette of the classic sneaker, adding only a thicker sole to give the new Rambler 2.0 a bit more modernist edge. View photos And while the current trend in sneakers seems to be to get as wild as possible-"moon boots" has become an all-too-applicable descriptor in the sneaker-verse recently-Snyder feels that there will always be a place for simple and minimal. "There are a lot of trends out there that I'm influenced by," he says of the current sneaker landscape, happily admitting that he loves what brands like Nike and Adidas are doing. "But I wanted to keep these clean and a little more dressed up. You can dress them up or dress them down. You can wear them with a suit, or you can wear them with shorts." View photos As for what it is that keeps him coming back to PF Flyers-beyond the classic nature of the shoes-it's the great relationship he has with their design team. "The team today is just amazing," says Snyder. "They're so passionate about the brand that they're fun to work with.

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In November the committee said the policy should be scrapped. 'Disproportionate effect' The committee commissioned the Institute for Fiscal Studies to estimate the extra state pension age increases that would be needed to maintain expenditure at about 6% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It found that the state pension age would need to be 70.5 years by 2060. But the committee's research found that in deprived areas of England and Scotland, male life expectancy was below that level. Currently, the state pension age is set to be 67 for both men and women by 2028. The committee said: Male life expectancy was below 70.5 in 162 areas in Scotland The lowest male life expectancy was 62.5 years in the Parkhead West and Barrowfield area of Glasgow. In that area, female life expectancy was 70.1 years Male life expectancy was below 70.5 in 26 areas in England, including Blackpool, Manchester, Teesside, Leicester, east London and the Wirral The lowest male expectancy in England was 67.5 years in the centre of Blackpool By contrast, male life expectancy in the area of Westminster, which includes Mayfair and Covent Garden, was 92.9 years, 25 years higher Frank Field, committee chairman, said: "With the triple-lock in place, the only way state pension expenditure can be made sustainable is to keep raising the state pension age. "This has the effect of excluding ever more people from the state pension altogether. "Such people will disproportionately be from more deprived areas and manual occupations, while those benefitting most will be the relatively prosperous." He said that the state pension will be at a level by 2020 where it will provide a "decent minimum income" for the older generation and the triple-lock "will have done its job and it will be time therefore to retire it". Instead of the triple-lock, the committee said the new state pension and basic state pension could be linked simply to average earnings - which the Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates would save 0.8% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) a year.

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