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yall take twitter astrology way too serious. go read a book bitch!!!

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7 Neptune Retrograde 2018 Astrology Predictions That Every Zodiac Sign Should Know

After turning direct, clarity usually follows and we may receive a new understanding." You know how Neptune retrograde is going to force you to acknowledge some things you've been trying to ignore? Well, that also means you'll be having some important revelations. As Spirit Science Central says, "Neptune’s dark side is a real blessing in disguise — it uncovers harsh realities of what you have been avoiding." It might be painful, but it's so important. This is a time when you'll be pushed out of your dream world to start getting real with yourself. Don't be surprised if you end bad relationships or leave a job that makes you unhappy during Neptune retrograde. It might give you the push you need to leave the negative behind. 5You'll Feel Motivated To Get Things Done Because Neptune retrograde is pushing you to confront your darkest truths and step out of your dream world, it's also going to give you the push you need to get things done. You're going to feel motivated to step away from the things that no longer serve you and to try something new. Astrology Answers says, "You will begin to remember your dreams more, and certain pieces of them will enter your day in the oddest moments." One of the best things about Neptune retrograde is that it pushes you to make real plans for your future. All of the spiritual growth, the revelations, and the motivation help you make important goals that are going to be good for you in the end.

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